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2019-20 School Year Programs

Online registration for the 2019-2020 school year is open. Spaces are limited and are filled on a first come, first served basis. Note: Applications received after the registration deadlines below may not be able to start until 2nd week of school  due to the longer processing time needed during peak period.

Wayside: Register by July 14th; First day of school, July 31st
Austin Achieve Elementary & Magnolia: Register by July 21st; First day of school, August 5th
IDEA Kyle & KIPP Austin Schools: Register by July 28th; First day of school August 5th
HCISD: Register by August 5th, First day of school, August 15th
AISD: Register by August 5th, First day of school August 20th
DVISD: Register by Aug. 5th, First day of school August 26th

Enriching Creative Activities in Out of School Time ProgramsCreative Arts and STEMSummer Camp, Book Nook LiteracyAfterschool and Summer Creative Art

Summer Programs

Extend-A-Care for Kids’ Summer Day Camp (5-12 year olds*) is the place to keep your children physically active and engaged in learning activities while they make new friends and have new experiences. The Summer Day Camp that focuses on the whole child experience! Our environment allows children to have positive social experiences through enrichment activities that promote social emotional learning, voice and choice, creativity, physical activities and others. See locations below.

Throughout the summer your child will experience a variety of enriching activities such as basketball, soccer, baseball, flag football, arts & crafts, cooking, painting and much more! Our summer curriculum is based on weekly themes which are developed from children's literature books introduced to students during the camp. This offers children a constant source of new and interesting material and activities. 2019 Theme: "Enchanted Summer" -- Between “once upon a time” and “happily ever-after” lies a magical world of possibilities, heroics, fantasy and fun with all the giant-battling, spell-casting, princess-saving glory and adventure a camper’s imagination can conjure and create.  Join Extend-A-Care for Kids this summer as we explore the realms of magic, mystery, and enchantment found in literature, expression, science and nature.  Click here for 2019 themes and Brochure. Children will attend a weekly field trips (1 on-site and 1 off-site each week for the exception of session 1A and 1). New Releases: Check out the Field Trips for Summer Camp 2019 and Sports schedule for Summer 2019!

The Extend-A-Care for Kids Summer 2019 Camp will feature exciting clubs for your children! The clubs include the Kindle club, Film Club, Fitness club, Calligraphy/Drawing club, a LEGO Robotics club, a Photography club, and an XBOX club! These clubs will rotate through the sites during the summer which will provide every child a chance to experience the fabulous clubs.

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*4 year old care offered at Preschool programs. Interested in the weekly session themes for preschool. Click here. Please see location list below for more details.

“I have been so impressed with your summer camp. It makes my work day better, and I love picking up two happy kids every evening. I’m sure I echo many parents’ sentiments when I say there is nothing like knowing your kids are well taken care of while you’re working during the day.”

— EAC Summer Camp Parent

Location Map

Travis Heights Elementary

2010 Alameda Dr
Austin, Texas 78704
Ph: (512) 441-2522

2010 Alameda Dr, Austin, Texas 78704
Ph: (512) 441-2522

austin-isd/travis-heights-elementary 30.241121 -97.74586 See details »

Dawson Elementary

3001 S. 1st Street
Austin, Texas 78704
Ph: (512) 841-0708

3001 S. 1st Street, Austin, Texas 78704
Ph: (512) 841-0708

austin-isd/dawson-elementary 30.234063 -97.763364 See details »

Galindo Infant / PreSchool Program

3800 S. 2nd Street
Austin, Texas 78704
Ph: (512) 841-0595

3800 S. 2nd Street, Austin, Texas 78704
Ph: (512) 841-0595

preschool/galindo-infant-preschool-program 30.229083 -97.771077 See details »

Little Angels

55 N IH-35
Austin, Texas 78702
Ph: (512) 226-8242

55 N IH-35, Austin, Texas 78702
Ph: (512) 226-8242

preschool/little-angels 30.256143 -97.736138 See details »

KIPP Austin North

8004 Cameron Road
Austin , Tx 78754
Ph: 512-800-1438

8004 Cameron Road, Austin , Tx 78754
Ph: 512-800-1438

charter-schools/kipp-austin-north 30.335604 -97.686108 See details »

KIPP Austin Ridge

8509 FM 969
Austin, TX 78724
Ph: (512) 928-5767

8509 FM 969, Austin, TX 78724
Ph: (512) 928-5767

charter-schools/kipp-austin 30.277426 -97.638326 See details »

KIPP Daycare

8509 FM 969 #C Portable
Austin , TX 78724
Ph: 512-906-9188

8509 FM 969 #C Portable, Austin , TX 78724
Ph: 512-906-9188

preschool/kipp-daycare 30.271610 -97.635093 See details »

KIPP South

5107 South IH-35
Austin, Texas 78744
Ph: (512) 707-1274

5107 South IH-35, Austin, Texas 78744
Ph: (512) 707-1274

charter-schools/kipp-austin-vista-beacon-prep 30.204466 -97.758589 See details »

Baty Elementary

2101 Faro Drive
Austin, Texas 78741
Ph: (512) 389-0088

2101 Faro Drive, Austin, Texas 78741
Ph: (512) 389-0088

del-valle-isd/baty-elementary 30.228471 -97.713276 See details »

Bryker Woods Elementary

3309 Kerbey Lane
Austin, TX 78703
Ph: (512) 459-7129

3309 Kerbey Lane, Austin, TX 78703
Ph: (512) 459-7129

austin-isd/bryker-woods-elementary 30.304869 -97.750627 See details »

Cunningham Elementary

2200 Berkeley Ave.
Austin, TX 78745
Ph: 512-297-8395

2200 Berkeley Ave., Austin, TX 78745
Ph: 512-297-8395

austin-isd/cunningham 30.210476 -97.805811 See details »

Elm Grove Elementary

801 FM 1626
Buda, Texas 78640
Ph: (512) 295-9270

801 FM 1626, Buda, Texas 78640
Ph: (512) 295-9270

hays-consolidated-isd/elm-grove-elementary 30.08787 -97.874685 See details »

Tobias Elementary

1005 East FM 150
Kyle, TX 78640
Ph: (512) 268-6090

1005 East FM 150, Kyle, TX 78640
Ph: (512) 268-6090

hays-consolidated-isd/tobias-elementary 29.989688 -97.883724 See details »

Metz Elementary Infant and Preschool

84 Robert Martinez Jr St
Austin, TX 78702
Ph: 512 841-0070

84 Robert Martinez Jr St, Austin, TX 78702
Ph: 512 841-0070

preschool/metz-elementary-infant-and-preschool 30.254715 -97.721960 See details »

Austin Achieve Elementary School

7424 E Hwy 290
Austin, TX 78723
Ph: 512-276-7448

7424 E Hwy 290, Austin, TX 78723
Ph: 512-276-7448

charter-schools/austin-achieve-elementary-school 30.325327 -97.678169 See details »

Barton Hills Elementary

2108 Barton Hills Drive
Austin, Texas 78704
Ph: (512) 444-2384

2108 Barton Hills Drive, Austin, Texas 78704
Ph: (512) 444-2384

austin-isd/barton-hills-elementary 30.254278 -97.783178 See details »

Joslin Elementary

4500 Manchaca Road
Austin, Texas 78745
Ph: (512) 841-3462/3463

4500 Manchaca Road, Austin, Texas 78745
Ph: (512) 841-3462/3463

austin-isd/joslin-elementary 30.228013 -97.790398 See details »

Blazier Infant / PreSchool Program

8601 Vertex
Austin, Texas 78744
Ph: (512) 841-8895/94/96/97

8601 Vertex, Austin, Texas 78744
Ph: (512) 841-8895/94/96/97

preschool/blazier-infant-preschool-program 30.156061 -97.752041 See details »

EAC Summer Experience

The EAC Experience will include:

Swimming Field Trips* Reading during Book Nook Time
Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Flag Football, Softball, Kickball Makerspace/ STEM Clubs
Drama Einstein Hour including over 25 projects per week Tennis
Fun Zones with Games/Puzzles and Legos Arts and Craft  

*Field Trips Include: Blazer Tag, Westgate Lanes Bowling, Wonder World Caverns, Zilker Playscape, Westgate Cinema, Peter Pan Golf, Cabelas, Aquarena Springs, Pollyanna Theatre, San Marcos Playscape, Magic Show, Millennium Youth Complex, Thinkery, and Inner Space Caverns (destinations vary according to site) ** EAC children participate in 5 different sports throughout the summer. They learn the skills and rules of one sport at a time over the course of 2 weeks during morning activities. See the Sports Calendar for 2017.

What Makes Us Different

  1. Curriculum Activities: We offer developmentally appropriate activities & projects and encourage reading during the summer through our literature based curriculum themes. There are over 25 unique projects lead by staff each week which consist of multiple cooking, art and science projects. This summer's theme is "Enchanted Summer". See the summer brochure for more details.
  2. Field Trips: We offer 1 swim trip per week and two field trips every week (one offsite and one onsite) from session 2-10.
  3. Specialty Sports: We offer a specialty sports camp 4 days a week. Rotating the following sports every two weeks: Basketball, Soccer, Kickball, Flag Football, Softball plus a bonus sport -- Tennis.
  4. Clubs: Over 15 clubs will rotate through the camps for children to lead activities in film making, LEGO creation, LEGO robotics, comic books, photography, motion/fitness, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle club, and more.
  5. Makerspace Zones: Children will have opportunities to learn coding, explore in the deconstruction zone, create music with Makey Makey equipment, challenge themselves with weekly STEM challenges, and develop unique creations through exploration.
  6. FUN Zone: Set up daily for children to participate in bowling, "Big" table games, and drums and keyboards.
  7. Hours: We are open from 7:15 am – 6:30 pm (typically, other programs open later or close earlier).
  8. Weekly sessions to make it convenient for parents to choose only the weeks they need. A deposit of $20/week is required to hold your space.
  9. Experience: We have been partnering with Central Texas school districts for over 50 years.
  10. Resources: We are the largest, licensed child care organization in Central Texas.
  11. Quality: The best staff members are chosen to work for us during the summer. We offer trained staff and low ratios (17 students: 1 child care provider).
  12. We are licensed by the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services, which provides monitoring and random site visits.
  13. Certification: Every staff member is certified in CPR and first aid. All afternoon staff are certified in Basic Water Safety as well.
  14. Affordability: Annually, we provide over $1 million in financial assistance to low-income families.

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2019 Summer Sites

The participating sites for children 5-12 years old will be:

  • Austin Achieve Elementary, 7424 E. Hwy 290, 78723
  • Barton Hills Elementary, 2108 Barton Hills Dr., 78704
  • Baty Elementary, 2101 Faro Drive, 78741
  • Bryker Woods Elementary, 3309 Kerby Ln, 78703
  • Cunningham Elementary, 2200 Berkeley Ave., 78745
  • Dawson Elementary, 3001 South 1st St., 78704
  • Elm Grove Elementary, 801 FM 1626, 78610
  • Joslin Elementary, 4500 Manchaca Rd., 78745
  • Palm Elementary, 7601 Dixie Dr., 78744
  • Tobias Elementary, 1005 East FM 150, 78640       
  • Travis Heights Elementary, 2010 Alameda Dr, Austin, TX 78704

Summer Infant/Preschool program locations* (Note: Includes some onsite field trips; excludes offsite field trips and swim trips):

  • Galindo Preschool (ages 6wks – 4 yrs only), 3800 South 2nd St., 78704
  • KIPP South Daycare (ages 6wks - 2 yrs only) 5107 South IH-35 78744
  • KIPP Austin Daycare (6wks - 2 yrs only), 8509 FM 969, 78724
  • KIPP North Daycare (ages 6wks - 2 yrs only) 8004 Cameron Road 78754
  • Little Angels (ages 6wks – 24mos only), 55 N. IH35, 78702
  • Metz Preschool (ages 6wks – 4 yrs only), 84 Robert Martinez Jr St, 78702

*Registration for infant/preschool programs are monthly. Cost: $875 per month for infant services and $695 per month for preschool services. Preschool Weekly Session Themes.