Supporting EAC’s Summer Program: The Lola Wright Foundation & LCRA Employees’ United Charities

The Lola Wright Foundation generously granted Extend-A-Care $20,000 to provide summer enrichment services to low-income children. We are extremely grateful to the Lola Wright Foundation for keeping our services available to ALL families in our community, regardless of income level--their funding has been instrumental in ending the latchkey cycle in Austin. Thank you Lola Wright Foundation! LCRA Employees' United Charities granted EAC $1,000 to go towards supporting our low-income families during the summer months. We appreciate their ongoing support!

Without these foundations help, these students may find themselves isolated, bored, and more inclined to take part in activities that do not provide meaningful learning experiences and may even jeopardize their safety. These funds will give at least 220 children the opportunity to participate in a summer program that will reduce the effects of “summer learning loss,” by engaging them in activities that help to retain knowledge and skills acquired during the regular school year.