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2019-20 School Year Programs

Online registration for the 2019-2020 school year is open. Spaces are limited and are filled on a first come, first served basis. Note: Applications received after the registration deadlines below may not be able to start until 2nd week of school  due to the longer processing time needed during peak period.

Wayside: Register by July 14th; First day of school, July 31st
Austin Achieve Elementary & Magnolia: Register by July 21st; First day of school, August 5th
IDEA Kyle & KIPP Austin Schools: Register by July 28th; First day of school August 5th
HCISD: Register by August 5th, First day of school, August 15th
AISD: Register by August 5th, First day of school August 20th
DVISD: Register by Aug. 5th, First day of school August 26th

Preschool & Infant

Extend-A-Care for Kids offers preschool programs to all Austin-area children.  Our programs meet children's individual needs by offering cognitively, socially, and physically enriching curricula. View two parent blogs featuring some of our curriculum and activities: Blog 1 and Blog 2.
Activities include building blocks and construction, dramatic play, reading, science and math, arts & crafts, creative expression, outdoor play, games and puzzles, and much more!

Fall Registration Dates: For current parents, registration will open on March 1st. For new parents, registration will open on March 16th at midnight.

Locations: 11 infant/preschool programs 11 11

Austin Achieve*

Little Angels (Business Office)**

KIPP Austin South Campus***




Austin High*

KIPP Austin North Campus***



KIPP Austin Ridge Campus***

*Ages: 6 wks - 4 year olds     **Ages: 6 wks - 2 year olds   ***Ages: 6 wks - 4 year olds with programming hours of 6:45 a.m. - 6:15 p.m.

Register today and experience what so many other parents are feeling!

"My children have been going to Extend-A-Care for a year and a half. I am glad to have such a high quality option for my children during the day while I am at work. The teachers are attentive, cheerful, and open to discussing my children's development with me during pick up or drop off. They also send out weather alerts and reminders to parents as necessary, and are receptive to parent texts and phone calls. At a recent parent-teacher conference, the head teacher, shared with me my child's portfolio containing cutting and writing samples, information regarding development of letter-sound recognition (an area where my child needs support), counting, double digit number recognition, etc. The meeting provided me with a designated time to voice my questions regarding my child's mental and emotional development. I am grateful to Extend-A-Care program and the staff that work with my children. I am confident that my children receive high quality care in my absence.”

“I personally don't think I stress enough how AMAZING EAC staff are. He comes home and sings happy birthday, his abcs, he's counting to 6 so far, talking a lot more and clearly and yesterday he came up to me and said "MOM, its a red block". And he was sooo excited he found a red block.. If you could of saw the smile on his face, he was super happy. He's learning there at EAC and I absolutely love it. From being a very premature baby to where he is mentally, it makes me feel so excited for his future. Thank you guys for everything you have done me in the past years as well. We will FOREVER love Extend a Care! You guys are AWESOME!”

“We LOVE each and every staff member here – they make it easier for us to go to work each day knowing that our daughter is learning and being cared for is such a nurturing environment.  She's grown and learned so much already this year.  Having Extend-a-Care at our campus this is such a blessing.”

“You and everyone have been such a wonderful addition to our daily routine and best of all… My son is EAGER to see you all. That sure does have a comforting effect on me and brings me assurance that I have made the careful and right choice for my little Man to be surrounded by loving and patient role models.”

“I am so amazed at how wonderfully they care for the children. Both of my grand babies love their caregivers. For Christmas they made beautiful calendars using each child's handprints and footprints...beautiful memories. They always help me when needed and I can tell they truly care about the babies.”

Fee Information

Please refer to Preschool Fees.